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Coumadin Clinic

Coumadin is an oral anticoagulant, known as a blood-thinning medication, used to lower the chance of blood clots forming in your system. If your cardiologist decides your condition requires Coumadin, the cardiologist will prescribe the medication and you will be enrolled in our Coumadin Clinic, located in our downtown Phoenix location.

Coumadin requires careful monitoring and regulation of the medication. When in our Clinic, we provide a finger-stick method to obtain your Pro-time blood results quickly. After your blood has been checked, you will receive further instructions regarding your Coumadin dosage, diet and will be scheduled for your next appointment.

Our Coumadin Clinic is under the supervision of our Cardiologists, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and other trained professionals specializing in the management of Coumadin.

If your insurance does not cover pro-time checks within our Coumadin Clinic, our staff will provide you with an order for outside lab testing at a location close to you. We usually obtain those results within 1-2 days, after which you will be contacted.

It is the goal of Affiliated Cardiologists of Arizona to provide our Coumadin patients with the latest information on educational materials, counseling and diet to maintain the best control in your Coumadin management.

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